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Tuning and brakes are essential parts of your vehicles performance.
When people hear tune up they often wonder what that consists of. Tune-ups are important for engine performance and gas mileage. There are many factors that contribute to a tune up. 
Brakes are important because we need them to stop! Ware on your brakes measure differently for everyone. Making sure that your brakes are checked regularly isn't just for your safety but to helps keep your wallet full. 
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Maintaining your vehicle is a key component to getting the maximum of life, or miles out of your vehicle. For many, your car or truck is an investment that you want to get the most out of. Doing regular maintenance helps ensure that your vehicle will have the longest life possible. Regular fluid checks, frequent oil changes, brake checks, ensuring 30/60/90 thousand mile services are complete, and making sure those much needed recommended repairs are done all contribute to getting the most out of your vehicle. 
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Do you enjoy a smooth ride? Good handling? Wheels and suspension maintenance and upgrades play a huge role in how your vehicle performs. Starting with good tires and making sure that your suspension and steering components are working properly are all factored into how your vehicle handles the road. We specialize in performance upgrades to ensure that your vehicle is performing to the best of its ability.
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